Bald knoll

32 minutes by car or 22.4 kilometres from the hotel.

Cover picture Kahler Asten

You can experience a picture-book panoramic view from the Kahler Asten, the second highest mountain in NRW. From the 841-metre-high mountain, the expanse of the Sauerland region reveals itself in every direction as a beautiful view into the distance - on a clear day even up to 100 kilometres away.

View from the Kahler Asten over the Heidewiese to the hills of the Sauerland region

In addition to the fabulous view, you will discover a beautiful heath landscape here, which you can explore on meandering footpaths . More precisely, the heath landscape is a dwarf shrub heath on which hardly any trees grow. Regular sheep grazing ensures that tree seedlings are browsed by the sheep. This is also supported here by manual maintenance of the heath.

Information station on the climate of the heath landscape on Kahler Asten

The following plants are mainly found in the heath landscape of the Kahler Asten:

Hiking trail on the Kahler Asten through trees and bushes with incidence of light

Hiking trails that lead over the Kahler Asten

Numerous hiking trails in the region (such as the Rothaarsteig, the Sauerland-Höhenflug or the Hanseweg) lead over the Kahler Asten. Ideal for nature lovers, the Kahle Asten provides a great insight into the diversity of the Sauerland region.

Hiking circuit with a view over the Sauerland on the Kahler Asten mountain

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