Our wellness philosophy

A warm purism runs through the whole house, in the corridors you will meet warm staff and friendly guests. Everywhere you will find enough space to recharge. Here you can simply be who you are. In the SPA you experience cold and heat. You swim, you rest, you relax, you enjoy. That's what the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA feels like.

Exterior view of the Hotel Diedrich in Hallenberg

Seeing land again

Hello leisure, old friend. In the dictionary, leisure is described as "free time and [inner] peace in which one can pursue one's own interests". And honestly, when do we really have enough time and space for that in our everyday lives? We want you to be able to devote yourself to whatever you feel like - without any ifs or buts.

A couple sits on a bench along the hiking trail and looks out over the half-timbered town of Hallenberg in clear summer weather

The time we take is the time that gives us something.

Ernst Ferstl (Austrian teacher and writer, *1955)

As an Adults only wellness hotel, we offer holistic getaways - without children and without animals. Just so that we are understood correctly: Of course we love children and animals. The decision to run our house as an adults-only hotel is about the following for us: As wonderful as these make our everyday life, it is also good to just take a little time out really just for yourself. Having time for yourself and paying attention to yourself is what we understand wellness to be essentially about. Due to their needs, young children and animals in particular play a decisive role in structuring our daily routine. We know this well, there is also a wonderful dog living in our family - and as much as we appreciate our Floki: Sometimes it's nice to focus only on our own wishes.

There are no exceptions in our wellness hotel. That would be unfair to all those who spend their stay with us without children and animals - and who might be overcome by longing at one moment.

A SPA therapist massages the hand of a guest

The joy of feeling

We are all about you. Or more precisely: we are about you. We want our hotel to be a place of strength for you. To relax and pause. To discover and feel. To arrive and feel good. To enjoy and experience. We offer you the space, you bring the time. Moments arise from space and time.

A couple lies on a bed in the rest area, he sleeps while she reads

Moments that stay.

Wellness does not just mean relaxing, but is rather a holistic pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. This essentially involves four pillars: relaxation, nutrition, exercise and emotional, social well-being. They are wonderful signposts for a positive attitude towards life and a life in inner balance.

A woman sits in the tall grass in clear summer weather and stretches both arms from herself

Of seeking and finding relaxation

If one does not find peace within oneself, it is in vain to seek it elsewhere.

François de La Rochefoucauld (French man of letters, 1613 - 1680)

Moments when we can just be. Moments in which everything is perfect because it is the way it is. Moments in which you perceive with all your senses. In the here and now, oblivious to time. True tranquillity that constantly withstands external influences.

That is what we wish for - and out of this wish our house is exactly the way it is. We have love and warmth in every corner.

A couple having breakfast on the terrace under a red parasol in the best summer weather

Nutrition that keeps you healthy and alert

Let your food be your remedy

Hippocrates of Kos (Greek physician, c. 460 B.C. - c. 370 B.C.)

A healthy diet is important and it includes not only the what - but also the how. We emphasise the sustainable cultivation of vegetables, the consumption of organically sourced meat and focus on regional products rather than the constant availability of exotic foods. Our dishes are fresh and prepared from regional and seasonal ingredients as much as possible. Here, for example, you will get to know coffee from the neighbouring village of Medebach, be delighted with the bread from nearby Medelon and enjoy heavenly jam from Geismar to go with it.

Food is precious. We look forward to you tasting it with all your senses. The breakfast buffet is open until 11:30 a.m., and you can enjoy the small dishes on our vesper menu all day long. A delicious evening menu in a relaxed atmosphere brings every wellness day to a perfect end.

Three seated women stretching their left arm towards the wooden floor during a yoga exercise

Movement for body, mind and soul

If you don't change anything, nothing will change!

Sparky Anderson (US baseball coach, 1934 - 2010)

Gentle, extreme, stimulating or calming, whether it's a walk or a bike ride through the beautiful Sauerland, jogging on the treadmill or a round of swimming lost in thought: Rediscover the joy of movement with us. Our charming "Haus der Mitte" is a wonderful place to slip a little closer to your inner centre during inspiring yoga or mediation courses.

A woman stands in the lush green forest and stretches both arms freely from herself

On friendship and love: social, emotional well-being

Basically, it is the connections with people that give life its value.

Wilhelm von Humboldt (Scholar & Writer, 1767 - 1835)

Truly nothing is as wonderful as time spent together. It is often not material things that give our lives their value, but rather the sum of the memories we have spent with loved ones. Memories that we like to think back on.

On a wellness holiday with your loved ones, you can focus on precisely these moments. Spend carefree time together, reminisce, make plans together - and consciously enjoy each other's presence.

Photograph of the town of Hallenberg in late summer on a clear day

Our favourite place in the world: Hallenberg

While travelling to distant countries, holidaying on white beaches or hiking up imposing mountains have a charm all their own, we have to confess one thing: Hallenberg is not only our home, but also our favourite place - and we are grateful that our great-grandfather fulfilled his dream of a small hotel right here in 1898. Here, gentle mountains unite with wide meadows and forests, flocks of sheep and lush cows graze contentedly in the surrounding pastures. We have a lot of sun here in summer, snow in winter and enjoy a pleasantly unhurried life in this small village. There is room for everyone here, people greet each other here. It's quiet here, people have time for each other.

Family photo of the owner family Diedrich with from left to right Leander, Dorothea, Benjamin and Reinhard

Be our guest ...

... and experience the Sauerland cordiality during a wellness holiday at DIEDRICH. We look forward to welcoming you - and to meeting you in person!

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