Course schedule for the activity program at the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa

Discover our course program at the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa. You will find a detailed description of the individual courses further down on this website. Simply click on the corresponding buttons to open the course schedules as PDF files.

KW 21 | 20.05. - 26.05.

KW 22 | 27.05. - 02.06.

Two women are doing an exercise in the yoga house, touching the floor with the tips of their feet and fingers.

Courses of the activity program at the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa

Types of yoga

What is yoga? The teaching of yoga originated thousands of years ago in India. The aim of yoga is to create a harmonious unity of mind, body and soul. A combination of special body positions, deep stretches and breathing exercises are designed to help achieve this. Controlled breathing is just as important as the physical work to reduce stress and relax.

The interaction between the mind and body was known to the inventors of the Far Eastern teachings. Translated, yoga appropriately means "connection": if the psyche suffers, this can become physically noticeable. Well-being and mood suffer as a result. Yoga exercises therefore strengthen body and mind in equal measure.

Other sports and activity courses:

Which course suits you?

Our trainers offer a wide range of fitness activities on the sports schedule at the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa. Almost every day of the week, our guests can take part in various sporting activities in the hotel's Haus der Mitte or pool to keep their bodies fit.

Why exercise is part of a wellness vacation

In addition to relaxation, a healthy diet and social contacts, sufficient exercise is also part of a holistic wellness break. Our course schedule at the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa is very varied and offers the right fitness program for every taste. We are sure that you will find something that suits you in our activity program.

A versatile course schedule that keeps you moving

The active program offers courses for every taste. Whether you are a sporty (re-)beginner or already fit and trained, you will find what you are looking for with us. Some of our guests like to let off steam with a round of aerobic dance, while others want to learn about deep relaxation methods such as muscle relaxation. Perhaps there are also types of movement that you have heard of and would like to try - with us you have the opportunity to do so.

The autumn bushes and trees are photographed through the window of the fitness room
Large mirror wall in the huge fitness room at the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa

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