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Family run since 1898

Our hotel was founded and built over 120 years ago by Anton and Ida Diedrich. Today it is still managed by the Diedrich family, now in the fourth generation.

Family photo of the owner family Diedrich with from left to right Leander, Dorothea, Benjamin and Reinhard
Diedrich family: Leander, Dorothea, Benjamin and Reinhard.

We have always focused on one goal: turning guests into friends - friends of the house and of each other. That's why we keep a close eye on what people actually need. If we had offered in 1898 what we offer today, we would have failed miserably. If we offered today what we offered then, likewise. Fortunately, we have understood this well.

Historical exterior photo of the Hotel Diedrich around the year 1900

Already in the founding year 1898, our house was a place to refuel, because at that time, as a postal station, we accommodated many people passing through. With us they could eat fresh and good food, have great conversations and let us support them on their long journeys.

Photo of the former restaurant in the hotel Diedrich around the year 1900
Group photo from 1900 in front of the former Hotel Diedrich

Today, more than 120 years later, we have become the destination of the journey - a place of refuge and an oasis of calm with plenty of space to recharge.

We have created a place that meets today's desires and needs - a place of well-being, artful enjoyment and holistic "wellbeings". But we have not created just any place, but a very special place with a special offer. A place to fall in love with and to remember.

Exterior view of Hotel Diedrich with full parking lot and flags

And how did we manage that? Not by using superlatives and gimmicky bells and whistles, but by empathetically listening to what our guests tell us. We deliberately left out anything superfluous and concentrated on the essentials. On the one hand, this is the proverbial Diedrich hospitality and hospitability that has been ingrained in our genes for generations. On the other hand, we are particularly proud of our unique concept, which leads you back to peace, balance and inner center.

Interior of the house of the center with yoga mats lying on the floor

See land again

For ourselves, the words "see land again" always inspire us to think - to reflect; to listen within ourselves. For us, it means clarifying our own view, coming to ourselves and opening up new perspectives. What do you associate with the words "See land again"?

A couple sits on a bench along the hiking trail and looks at the half-timbered town of Hallenberg in clear summer weather

Hotel Diedrich anno 1898

In 1898 Anton and Ida Diedrich realized their dream of building a hotel. After the official permission was granted on June 15, 1898, the opening took place in December of the same year.

[...] to operate the innkeeping business in compliance with the police regulations, if he has a stable for guest horses and a coach house built.

Extract from the official permit at the time
Portrait of the founders Anton and Ida Diedrich in the foyer near the reception desk

At the same time, they also built an annex for the Imperial Post Office. The rental building still stands next to the hotel and has a history of almost 90 years. The restaurant 'Alte Post' and the Poststube still remind of this time.

Reconstructed post office cabinet in front of a photo wallpaper with historical photos in the restaurant Alte Post

Our milestones


The well-being of our guests is always our first priority. That's why we work tirelessly to constantly improve our recharge haven and enrich it with new ideas. Our passion for hospitality and quality drives us to provide you with unforgettable experiences time and time again.

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