The SPA area

Just leave everything behind for a few days and retreat to a place where you can find time and leisure. In the column bath you can simply drift away and take a sauna session or two. With a selection of different treatments, you'll have plenty of opportunities to give your body the soothing attention it needs. And if you want to be all to yourself, the relaxation area gives you a wonderful feeling of security; with lots of wood and homey corners that somehow remind you of the forest.

Photo of column enclosed indoor pool in daylight with still water surface

A wellness hotel only for adults over the age of 16.

The wellness area offers generous space to relax in warm purism. Float in the 29° C indoor pool while gazing out into nature. Close your eyes in the sauna and feel the warmth pleasantly wrap around your body. This is what a wellness hotel must feel like!

The morning sun is reflected on the water surface of the outdoor pool at Hotel Diedrich

SPA area on four levels

Relaxing loungers are reflected in the large window front at the lila blue glowing indoor pool at Hotel Diedrich
Loungers on the upper floor of the column bath with the door to the bathrobe bistro in the background - Hotel Diedrich
The panorama sauna in the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel in the SPA

Opening hours of the wellness area

A woman lies on the wellness couch and receives a back massage


Strengthen your body and mind. Qualified masseurs, trained beauticians and high-quality vegan natural cosmetic products pamper you externally and internally at the same time. You will enjoy deep relaxation with massages, body treatments and beauty applications.

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Fitness room

The fitness room is already open from 7 am and closes only at 10 pm.

View into recreation room of DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel Sauerland

Recreation room

The recreation room is also open early in the morning and closes only from late evening. Here you can devote yourself to the games of table tennis, foosball and darts full of verve - or in peace and quiet.

A detail photo of the sofa in the bandemantelbistro of the hotel Diedrich
Bowl with apples on the buffet table of the bathrobe bistro in Hotel Diedrich

Bathrobe Bistro

Just take a seat in your bathrobe in the bathrobe bistro. Here you can find many delicious things. Fresh water, tea and apples are available for you free of charge, and you can get really great, smaller dishes from the snack menu. Coffee and cake, of course, anyway. With us, wellness also goes through the palate.

Bathrobe Bistro Map

The rest area Zeitlos in Hotel Diedrich with loungers, beds and various resting niches
Rest area "Timeless

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