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View of the east facade of the Hotel Diedrich
Where and how do I get the best price?

Of course directly with us. You will get the best price if you book here through this website. You will get a clear price advantage if you book one of our special offers. Generally, the earlier and the longer you book, the cheaper your stay price. Our prices and availability depend on the time of your booking, the general demand as well as the house occupancy at the desired period. You can find out more at

Can I also book a double room for single use?

Yes. Please send us a request for this via

Are bathrobes and sauna towels provided free of charge?

Yes. There is a bag with bathrobe and slippers in your room. Sauna towels are available in the entrance area of the SPA.

Are children and babies/babies really not allowed? Why?

Yes, a stay is possible only from the age of 16. Just as there are hotels specialized in children and families, there are also hotels exclusively for adults - and we are one of them.

In our understanding, a wellness and SPA vacation is mainly about doing something good for yourself once again. For this we would like to create the ideal basic conditions. We see our DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA as a place of rest, as a break from everyday life.

For children, on the other hand, leisure time almost always means something completely different: opportunities to play, let off steam and, ideally, animation and entertainment. These are all demands that we cannot meet, both in terms of space and organization. Adults, on the other hand, when booking a wellness vacation, long for a relaxed ambience in which they can once again listen to themselves and enjoy the moment with all their senses.

Our experience has taught us and we have decided for ourselves that we cannot serve these two opposing need structures in our hotel. Or to put it another way: if both children and adults were to spend a wellness vacation in our house, neither target group would find the kind of relaxation they desire. This would not help anyone.

That is why a stay in our house is only possible from the age of 16.

For a long time we have been consistent in this respect and were quickly allowed to make the joyful experience that it is precisely parents who are actively looking for a hotel for adults. As a couple, alone or with their best friends, to spend time as they used to. The children then remain well cared for and safe with the grandparents or with a parent at home.

Are there any opening hours that need to be observed?

Yes, we want our employees to feel comfortable on their daily way to the hotel and to enjoy their work. In this respect, we consider it essential to regulate their working hours firmly and keep them in check. This can only be achieved with appropriate opening hours:

The reception team is available for you daily between 08:00 and 21:00.

Breakfast buffet
Daily from 08:00 to 11:30.

In good weather you can also have breakfast on our terrace. It remains open all day until 22:00, after which it is closed out of consideration for the rooms above. We do not accept table reservations for the terrace area.

Vesper menu as lunch
Our vesper and ice cream menu is valid everywhere you can eat: In the bathrobe bistro, in the restaurant and on terrace. We are happy to take your orders from this menu between 10:00 and 21:30 (Sundays until 20:30).

If you have booked half board, we will automatically reserve a table for you. In this case, please take a seat in the restaurant between 18:00 and 19:30 (kitchen closing time).

Hotel bar & Kaminstube
In the hotel bar and the Kaminstube you can take a seat all day. Service takes place here between 17:00 and 23:30 (last round).

SPA, Wellness & Treatments
The indoor pool and the fitness room are open in the morning from 07:00, the saunas are heated from 11:00. The wellness area closes at 22:00.

In the bathrobe bistro, you can order from the vespers and drinks menu from 10:00 in your bathrobe outfit.

Tip: Dinner directly at 18:00 and then use the pretty empty SPA again!

What is included in the half board?

Basically, half board always includes our evening 4-course menu with main course selection (always with vegetarian menu alternative), the use of the SPA area and a rich breakfast buffet with many products from the region.

At the breakfast buffet, which is ready for you daily between 08:00 and 11:30, you will find a wide selection of regional products. These include fresh bread from Medelon, aromatic coffee from Medebach and jam from Geismar. In addition, a range of cold cuts, vegetables, fruit and muesli, freshly squeezed orange juice and various hot drinks are waiting to be tasted by you.

The evening half-board menu also leaves nothing to be desired. The procedure is that you take your seat between 18:00 and 19:30 (kitchen cut-off time). Then our service team will discuss the menu with you directly at the table and serve course by course. You can simply have the drinks ordered added to your room bill via card (don't forget to sign).

The menu price is included in the booked gourmet rate (half board) and in all arrangements and special offers. Please check your confirmation to see if half board is included. Especially for bookings via external portals it is often not included.

How can I change/cancel my booking? Are there any costs involved?

Cancellations must be made in writing in any case; gladly by e-mail to Whether there are any costs for the cancellation can be seen from your reservation confirmation. You can find our usual cancellation conditions at

Rebooking / rescheduling
Rebookings are excluded, because after the reservation has been made, we will hold the booked room category for you for the booked travel period and at the conditions booked on that day. If you wish to change the travel period (rebooking, postponement), the existing reservation must be properly cancelled within the accepted cancellation conditions and a new reservation must be made. In doing so, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the room at the same price - the price may even be lower in the new travel period; depending on the house occupancy and demand.

Should I take out travel cancellation insurance?

Yes, absolutely even. You can find out more at

Can we bring our dog?

No. We ourselves also have a great dog in the owner family and therefore decided quite consciously that dogs and other pets can not be brought into the hotel. Essentially, this has two reasons:

On the one hand, in our understanding, a wellness vacation is predominantly about doing something good for yourself and, against this background, having as much time as possible for yourself. If you travel with a dog, you have to align your personal daily schedule with the dog's needs, which is contrary to our understanding of a wellness vacation.

On the other hand, we strive to keep our house as allergy-friendly as possible. Respiratory allergy sufferers may experience immediate discomfort when they come into contact with the pet hair left behind.

When can I arrive and move into the room?

Check-in time between 15:00 and 21:00.
Your room is ready for occupancy from 15:00. You are welcome to arrive earlier, from 12:30 pm, and use the SPA area. Until your room is ready for occupancy, we will be happy to store your luggage for you. The SPA changing rooms offer enough storage space for changing.

Is it possible to check in late at night or even at night?

Yes and it goes like this: If for any reason you arrive after 21:00, please inform us in advance. In this case, we will gladly leave your room key in a key safe and explain everything else to you.

When do I pay and what means of payment are accepted?

Payment is made at the hotel at check-out in cash or with EC card.

I have booked treatments or they are included in my package. When will I receive the exact dates/times?

Our application rooms and SPA therapists are always well booked. The scheduling of the booked application is done by us. You will receive your exact times shortly after check-in at the hotel reception. If you have any requests regarding the times, please feel free to send them to us and we will try to plan accordingly. However, there is no claim to fulfillment. We kindly ask for your understanding!

I may want to book another application. What is the best way to do that?

Please book as early as possible in writing by e-mail. The sooner your application booking is made, the higher the probability that there is still availability. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the fulfillment of application requests that are expressed only after arrival.

Can I also use the SPA area on the day of departure? Is there perhaps also the possibility to use the room longer than 11:00 on the day of departure?


Variant SPA-Late-Check-Out:
You have the possibility to book a SPA-Late-Check-Out for an extra charge and to use the SPA area also on the day of departure. Changing rooms and lockers are of course available in the SPA area and offer sufficient storage space.

Variant room late check-out:
Subject to availability, you can even book a room late check-out until 21:00.

We have booked half board and may want to eat according to the à la carte menu. Is that possible?

Yes, of course! It is important that you register at the hotel reception by 11:30 a.m. at the latest.

I am allergic to certain foods, do I get appropriate dishes?

If you let us know in advance, gladly! It is cooked daily fresh and without additives. The kitchen team prepares the daily evening menu with the greatest care and planning.

If you express your wishes only in the evening at the table, we ask for your understanding that we can respond only limited.

Is the hotel barrier-free or suitable for wheelchair users?

With a few exceptions, yes. We have been paying attention to accessibility in our structural planning for many years. Due to our hillside location and the many years in which our house has slowly grown, a very few rooms are not accessible barrier-free. The main entrance is not barrier-free, but you can reach the reception on the left side of the main entrance via the side entrance and a barrier-free elevator. From here you can reach all our guest rooms, among which there are also barrier-free rooms. There is barrier-free access to the SPA bistro, the treatment rooms, the indoor pool and the sauna area - but not to the fitness and course level or the "Timeless" relaxation area. The entrance to the indoor pool consists of tiled steps and a handrail. The outdoor pool is also barrier-free, but has a vertical ladder entrance integrated into the outer wall. All catering areas and the terrace are barrier-free, with the exception of the "Antons" restaurant.

During our stay friends would like to visit us. Can we have breakfast or dinner together with them in the hotel?

In principle, yes. Provided, depending on the number of people, we have space 🙂
Best to send a short request to in such a case.

How big is the hotel?

We have 124 beds in 65 rooms. We want to keep it that way 🙂

Where exactly is the hotel located and what is the environment like?

In the middle of Germany. We are located in Hochsauerland/NRW; to be exact, right on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, in the heart of the small half-timbered town of Hallenberg. Here everything is surrounded by picturesque countryside with lots of green nature. Recreational opportunities and activities are plentiful, because after only 15 minutes drive you can reach the vacation world Winterberg. Our location is not only ideal for a wellness break, but also for varied vacations in the Sauerland!

You can find out more at

Where can I park? Is a parking reservation necessary?

Around our hotel there are free parking spaces available in sufficient number. For loading and unloading you are welcome to stop directly in front of the hotel entrance.

Can I charge my electric car at the hotel?

Yes. There is a charging station (max . 22 kW) in the parking lot next to the hotel entrance. We charge a flat rate per charging process.

What is the accessibility by public transport (bus and train)?

The nearest train stations are in Winterberg (NRW from all directions), Frankenberg (Hesse from Kassel) and Münchhausen (Hesse from Marburg). From there, we will be happy to arrange for a local cab company to pick you up (for a fee). The nearest airports are Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport (75 km), Kassel Calden Airport (85 km), Dortmund Airport (110 km), Frankfurt Airport (145 km), Cologne Bonn Airport (150 km) and Düsseldorf Airport (180 km).

Can we also rent bicycles?

Yes. We offer both e-bikes and mountain bikes. We charge 19 € per day for renting a mountain bike and 29 € per day for an e-bike,

Can I safely park my own bike at the hotel?

Yes. If you wish, we will be happy to park your bike in a locked room.

We would like to spend a quiet JGA / bachelor party with you. Is that possible?

No, that is not possible.

A JGA should be a very special day, where the bachelor or bachelorette is said goodbye. We receive requests in this direction again and again and it makes - please believe us - really no sense to celebrate such a day with us. If only because in the evening the essential, namely the celebration, is not possible in the offered form. You want to sit together until late at night, socialize, talk ... and when the hotel bar is closed from 1:00 a.m. at the latest, it goes on in one of the booked rooms and this then also influences other guests in the neighboring rooms. From experience, this simply does not work.

We politely ask to refrain from JGA requests and ask for your understanding that we will also refuse requests with "quiet" planning.

Can meetings also be held at your facility?

In principle yes, up to 25 persons. Please understand that as a positioned wellness hotel we cannot accept every meeting.
You can find more about the conference offer here.

Do you also offer Day SPA? So one could spend a day in SPA with you?

Yes, but the capacities for this are limited. Please understand if we cannot offer Day SPA on busy days, especially on weekends. We therefore recommend the days from Monday to Friday as a Day-SPA time-out. You can find out more at

Where can I subscribe to the newsletter?

You will find the possibility to do so at We would be very pleased about your registration!

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