Hiking Sauerland - experience the picturesque nature

Every single day is worth it! Go to the forest and recharge your batteries; with every hour the recreational effect intensifies. After only 10 minutes on foot you will reach Mother Nature. On the large meadows at the edge of the forest you look out over tree tops, over the idyllic Hallenberg and further beyond the picturesque half-timbered town.

Feel free in this vastness. Enjoy pure nature here on hikes along the Sauerland-Höhenflug hiking trail or discover the popular Sauerland Forest Route! Take a stroll through the forest. Find your favorite spot. And then: Just enjoy the pure air. Take a look at our hiking routes directly:

Aerial view of Heidekopf lookout tower with low sun

Near Winterberg in Hochsauerland, NRW

Map & Directions

Our house is located in the small half-timbered town of Hallenberg, right on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse.

Travel times / Distances

  • approx. 45 min. north of Marburg
  • approx. 90 min. south of Paderborn
  • approx. 90 min. west of Kassel
  • approx. 100 min. south of Bielefeld
  • approx. 100 min. north of Frankfurt
  • approx. 140 min. north-east of Koblenz
  • approx. 140 min. east of Düsseldorf
  • approx. 140 min. east of Cologne

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Map of Germany with all federal states and the location of Hotel Diedrich

Hiking in the Sauerland is wonderful; you discover true natural beauty.

Well-known hiking routes such as the Sauerland Forest Route or the Sauerland High Route attract numerous hikers to Hochsauerland every year. And are you also longing for a vacation in impressive nature and with plenty of exercise in the fresh air? Our DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa in Hallenberg is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and is perfect for a varied vacation with exciting hikes. Not far from the well-known town of Winterberg and the hiking resort of Schmallenberg, the picturesque half-timbered town on the edge of North Rhine-Westphalia invites you to go on incomparable hikes. The hiking trails in Winterberg and Schmallenberg can be reached quickly from the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa and provide a hiking feeling of happiness. But there are also many trails in Hallenberg waiting to be discovered by you.

In order to make your hiking vacation a unique experience, we have put together for you on this page dreamlike hiking routes, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to medium to difficult, and especially beautiful excursion tips. Explore the beauty of the region, marvel at the colorful abundance of leaves in the forests, listen to the gentle babbling of the streams, smell the scent of the flower meadows and enjoy the magnificent view from the mountain tops of the Rothaargebirge.

Wanderbares Hochsauerland: These destinations are waiting for you

Let your thoughts wander for a moment and listen to the chirping birds, the wind in the trees or the crunching of the snow under your winter shoes. No matter in which season you set out on your hiking trip, here in the Sauerland there are suitable hiking trails for every season.

Couple walking along a dirt road with bushes by the side of the road in summer weather

Viewpoint Heidekopfturm

After an ascent, a magnificent panoramic view of the Rothaar Mountains and the Hessian Highlands awaits you from the wooden lookout tower at 710 m above sea level.

View from the Heidekopf tower in clear summer weather

Viewpoint Sauerland Stable Chair

This wooden sculpture is a real eye-catcher on the "Königsloh" - between Hallenberg, Liesen and Hesborn. The chair is not meant for sitting, but for climbing. From a height of 8 meters you can enjoy the view of bird and landscape conservation areas and the beautiful Sauerland high altitude flight.

The Sauerland Stabilstuhl between Hallenberg and Hesborn surrounded by bushes and grasses

The Sauerland is a cave country

Sauerland is known for its mountains, which are also perfect for your hike. As one of the most famous German poets and naturalists said in the 19th century:

Mountains are silent masters and make silent disciples.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749 - 1832

So if you are also looking for a place to pause and reflect, then you have come to the right place in the Sauerland. But did you know that there are also a large number of caves to visit here? Each of these caves has its own unique character. The Attahöhle, also known as the Attendorfer Tropfsteinhöhle, for example, is located around 70 km from our DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa and contains an underground treasure. In its depths is a magnificent natural spectacle: artfully shaped stalagnites and stalacites grow out of the rocks, unique stone curtains hang from the ceilings, fabulously beautiful, as if a magician had chiseled them out of the rock. The temperature in the cave is a constant 9°C in both summer and winter, making the Attendorf stalactite cave a popular excursion destination at any time of year.

Hiking Sauerland: As the mood takes you

This was just a first glimpse into the selection of diverse hiking destinations in the Sauerland. But there is so much more to discover in this part of Germany. Between Altena and Korbach alone, more than 250 kilometers and 56 marked hiking destinations entice you with sporty or leisurely nature experiences. We will be happy to advise you in our hotel about further excursion possibilities and put together a tour tailored to your individual needs.

Our hiking routes for you

As one of the best-known hiking hotels in the Sauerland region, we would like to give you a few helpful tips for your hike and recommend some particularly beautiful tours. Whether you belong to the professional athletes or undertake your first hikes: Here, in one of the most untouched natural landscapes in Germany, adventurers will get their money's worth.

Hiking Sauerland - Nature trail Nuhnewiesen

For a short, easy hike in the Sauerland, we can highly recommend the Nuhnewiesen nature trail in Hallenberg. The length of the circular trail is about 3 kilometers and contains only slight inclines. You can start directly from our hiking hotel, because the route begins almost in front of the doors of our hotel, only 10 minutes walk away. On this tour you will walk past grazing cows, through lovely valleys and beautiful meadows. In spring, the largest continuous meadow area in the country turns a rich yellow and green. Then the marsh marigolds bloom and reflect the color of the sun. But also cuckoo campion and numerous other meadow flowers mingle with the carpet of blossoms. At the end of August you can admire the pink splendor of the autumn crocus on the meadows. Birdwatchers will also enjoy rare discoveries. For example, keep an eye out for the whinchat. The Nuhne meadow is one of the last retreats of this bird species. At our reception you can get a flyer that tells you more information about this circular trail.

Hike through the Liesetal and Hilmesberg nature reserve

North of Hallenberg, an adventure trail of about 13 kilometers awaits you from the Liese forest meadow valley to the high heath of the Hilmesberg. Experienced hikers can walk this route for an average of four hours and enjoy the varied tour, in which the beauty of nature shows itself in many facets. Walk under the alder forest along the stream, discover the broad-leaved orchid, a native orchid species that blooms in spring, amid the colorful flower meadows. And afterwards look down from the Hilmesberg, let your gaze wander into the distance and enjoy the pure, fresh mountain air.

Hallenberg tours: valleys, forests, historic town centers

Would you like to capture the vastness of the Sauerland region on your hike, experience not only idyllic landscapes but also historical monuments? Then you can experience a lot of nature and culture on this 51-kilometer-long Höhen- und Auentour. The tour starts at the market square in Hallenberg and passes pretty half-timbered houses as well as the late Romanesque Heribert Church, which, like Hallenberg itself, dates back to the 13th century. If you are interested, you can admire well-preserved Renaissance frescoes from the 16th century inside the church. Afterwards, you will leave the historic center of Hallenberg and hike further into the Nuhne valley.

Hiking Sauerland - Sauerland-Höhenflug as a highlight

You are very close to heaven on this challenging tour. The Sauerland Höhenflug namely leads you, as the name suggests, over the mountain ridges of the region to lofty heights. On this route, you can experience 154 kilometers of natural beauty while hiking in the Sauerland and enjoy the feeling of boundless freedom on 800-meter peaks. The hiking trail to the Sauerland-Höhenflug is hard to miss. In Hallenberg, you will discover numerous numbered trails. Just follow the signs, these show the course of the path and at the same time reveal exciting information about near and far destinations along the hiking route.

A tree trunk with hiking signs on sheet metal


The Rothaarsteig is a long-distance hiking trail awarded by the German Hiking Association (Deutscher Wanderverband e.V.), whose main route leads from Brilon in North Rhine-Westphalia to Dillenburg in Hesse. The largest part of the Rothaarsteig leads in the immediate vicinity of our hiking hotel through the nature park Sauerland-Rothaargebirge and connects water with mountains: Hike along the Rhine-Weser water divide, past the sources of the Ruhr, the Eder, Sieg or Lahn. Climb the airy heights of the Kahler Asten and the Langenberg, enjoy magnificent panoramic views over treetops, forests and valleys. Between Schmallenberg and Bad Berleburg you can admire culture in deepest nature: In the WaldSkulpturenWeg, well-known artists from all over the world exhibit their works, creating the greenest gallery in the Sauerland. Path of the Senses is also called the Rothaarsteig. The name says it all: all the colors, scents, the rustling of the leaves, the silvery ripple of the springs, the refreshing coolness of their water, the singing of the birds. You will feel intoxicated by such unique natural beauty.

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

This beech forest is so fabulously beautiful that it should definitely not be missing from this page of hiking tips in the Sauerland. Although it is no longer located in the Sauerland, but in a nature park in Hesse, it is only half an hour's drive from our DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa. The Kellerwald is the largest beech forest in the country and one of the most beautiful forests in Europe and is a Unesco natural heritage site for good reason. Some of its trees are up to 200 years old and cast a spell over hikers with their mystical, bizarre shapes. But not only the forest is impressive, the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the lively babbling of up to 800 crystal-clear springs characterize the idyllic landscape of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. Not forgetting the Edersee itself, which lies picturesquely between the trees and whose bays growing far into the beech forest are reminiscent of wild fjords. This region is also home to the popular Diemelsee, also known as the pearl of the Sauerland. There are numerous exciting hiking trails around the idyllic Diemelsee through an incomparably beautiful natural landscape.

Hiking sign with signposts

Numbered paths

Just follow the signs, they mark the course of numerous numbered trails in the 4 districts of Hallenberg. In addition, they provide information about local and distant destinations along the hiking route.





Hiking hotel Sauerland: The DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & Spa in the Hochsauerland

Our wellness hotel for adults is not only the perfect starting point for hikes, but also offers the perfect retreat to relax and unwind after strenuous excursions. We are Sauerland hosts - so we know what is just right for you on hiking days. For this reason, your hiking vacation starts with a rich breakfast that will strengthen you for the efforts of the day. At our breakfast buffet you can choose exactly what you feel like. Many of the products offered are regional. After breakfast it is often: Lace up your shoes and off you go. Discover one of the numerous hiking routes and get to know some of the most beautiful corners of the Sauerland. After returning to the hotel, you can relax as you please in the large spa area. In the evening we will spoil you with fine cuisine in the restaurant. Here you can once again reflect on the past day and make plans for the coming ones. Whether we welcome you for one night or directly for several nights: We are happy if you feel completely comfortable with us and enjoy a few days of hiking in the beautiful Sauerland nature.

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