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Your sporty summer vacation in Hallenberg

Summer in Hallenberg, a picturesque town in the Sauerland, where you can enjoy a time full of nature experiences and activities. Whether you want to climb the peaks or cycle leisurely through the woods, summer in Hallenberg offers something for every nature lover. Thanks to our location, the summers don't get overly hot either. So grab your hiking boots or your bike and explore this beautiful region.

Two mountain bikers in cycling gear ride along the forest edge over lush meadows
A hiking couple walks across a lush green meadow at sunrise
A pair of hikers lean against a parapet and look out over the picturesque half-timbered village nestled in the valley

Hiking in Hallenberg

Nature experiences on foot in the Sauerland

Summer in Hallenberg, a picturesque town in the Sauerland, is a time full of nature and activity. Whether you want to climb the Heidekopf tower on the summit or take a leisurely hike through forests and across meadows, summer in Hallenberg offers something for every nature lover. So grab your hiking boots and explore this beautiful region!

Our top 3 hiking routes

  1. View from the Heidekopf: Enjoy the view from the Heidekopf tower and explore the surrounding area on this moderately difficult 7.48 km hike. The well-maintained paths offer a magnificent view of nature.
  2. Views of Hallenberg: A 9.72 km medium-difficulty hike from Somplar offers breathtaking views of Hallenberg. Here you can enjoy nature to the full.
  3. Bollerberg: An easy 6.08 km tour from Hesborn takes you to a picturesque viewpoint. Perfect for a summer walk.

Hiking routes

Two hikers stand on the Sauerland Stabilstuhl and point into the hilly landscape

We have created a place that takes account of today's longings and needs - a place of well-being, artistic enjoyment and holistic "wellbeing". A place to fall in love with and to remember.

Mountain biking in Hallenberg

Experiencing nature on two wheels

Summer in Hallenberg invites you to enjoy wonderful mountain bike tours in the Sauerland. Whether you are looking for a challenge or prefer a leisurely ride, Hallenberg has something for every mountain biker. Get your bike out and explore the picturesque landscape!

A cyclist rides along the country lane through the green natural landscape
A pair of cyclists take a break while drinking from their bottle
A pair of wheels ride through high dry yellow hay

Our top 3 bike routes

  1. View from the Ziegenhellenturm to the Kahler Asten: This challenging tour stretches over 41.9 km and offers breathtaking views. It requires a very good level of fitness and advanced cycling technique. You may have to push your bike on some sections.
  2. Schiefermühle with Ederbrücke - Rennertehäuser Aue: A moderately difficult route of 49.4 km in length. Good basic fitness is required, as is advanced riding technique.
  3. Hallenberg - view of Züschen: A 28.9 km medium-difficulty tour with magnificent views of Züschen. Basic technical knowledge is sufficient here.

Bike routes