Excursion destination "Winterberg climbing forest"

17 minutes by car or 17.2 kilometers from the hotel.

You love the adventure in airy heights? Perfect. In Winterberg, an exciting climbing forest is just waiting to be explored by you. Five courses in various degrees of difficulty make the climbing routes along the treetops an experience.

Various attractions installed among the trees in the Kellerwald Winterberg

The climbing forest is also ideal for beginners. After a briefing from the professionals, you first run through a training course. As soon as you have mastered the basics, you can start climbing.

Woman flies on steel cable between trees in Kellerwald Winterberg

The courses differ in height and difficulty. The following courses are available, graded according to difficulty:

  1. Course: beginner course up to 5 m height
  2. Course: fun course up to 7 m height
  3. Course: adventure course up to 9 m height
  4. Parcous: adventure course up to 12 m height
  5. Parcous: sports course up to 11 m height


Kletterwald Winterberg - Adventure Mountain Cap

At Waltenberg 115

59955 Winterberg

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