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Photos & Impressions

Experience the traces of over 120 years of history in the various rooms and modern places of our hotel. Each room has its own charm and character, from cozy parlors to unique corners. Look forward to warm-hearted people who are at work with joy and passion. On this page we present you a wealth of photos and impressions that invite you to scroll through and dream.

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SPA, wellness and courses

Our SPA area extends over four levels, which are connected by a separate SPA staircase. On the first floor, directly adjacent to the terrace, is the first level with the heated outdoor infinity pool and many lounging options.

Hotel Diedrich terrace with tables, umbrellas and outdoor pool
First floor: terrace with heated outdoor infinity pool
The morning sun is reflected on the water surface of the outdoor pool at Hotel Diedrich
First floor: heated infinity pool
The morning sun is reflected on the water surface of the outdoor pool at Hotel Diedrich
First floor: heated infinity pool

In the 1st basement, one floor below, you will find level 2 of the SPA area with the main entrance and the bathrobe bistro. Here you can take a seat in your bathrobe without any worries and choose from a selection of dishes that you can order at any time. In addition, water, tea and apples are available for you free of charge.

Bathrobe Bistro at DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA in the sunshine
1st basement: bathrobe bistro
Sunshine incidence in the SPA Bistro in Hotel Diedrich, Sauerland
1st basement: bathrobe bistro

Your next destination in the SPA area is our leisure room, which is also located on level 2 on the 1st basement floor. Here you can devote yourself full of verve - or in peace and quiet - to the games of table tennis, foosball and darts.

View into recreation room of DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel Sauerland
1st basement: recreation room

The bathrobe bistro is directly adjacent and is complemented by the pillar bath, which extends over two floors (level 2 upstairs and level 3 downstairs) and has generous panorama windows and numerous lounging options. The following photo shows the transition area from the bathrobe bistro to the column bath.

Loungers on the upper floor of the column bath with the door to the bathrobe bistro in the background - Hotel Diedrich
Door to the bathrobe bistro from the pillar bath
Oblique view into the indoor pool area at Wellnesshotel Sauerland
1st & 2nd basement: indoor column pool
Large window front in the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA, Hallenberg
1st & 2nd basement: indoor pool panoramic windows
Relaxing loungers are reflected in the large window front at the lila blue glowing indoor pool at Hotel Diedrich
2nd basement: couches inside and outside along the panoramic windows
Loungers in the outdoor area in front of the large panoramic windows of the ribbon of columns in the hotel Diedrich
2nd basement: sunbathing terrace along the panoramic windows

In the 2nd basement, on level 3, you will find our newly expanded sauna area, which was opened for our guests in 2022.

Anteroom of the sauna area in Hotel Diedrich
2nd basement: anteroom of the sauna area
View over the hanging couples loungers in the sauna area out onto the lounger terrace
2nd basement: couples' loungers in the sauna area
Panoramic sauna with large window in DIEDRICH, Hallenberg, Sauerland, NRW
2nd basement: pine wood sauna
Sauna with view to the outside in DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA, Hallenberg
2nd basement: panoramic sauna
View into the snow grotto or the snow room in Hotel Diedrich
2nd basement: snow grotto
Sauna relaxation room view in hotel Diedrich Sauerland
2nd basement: sauna rest
View from the sauna relaxation room through the pool above
View of the underside of the overhanging mirrored outdoor pool
2nd basement: Overhanging infinity pool with sauna terrace below.

The fourth level in the 3rd basement offers you the opportunity for physical activity. Next to the Haus der Mitte, where yoga, Pilates and meditation courses take place, a spacious course room with sanitary facilities was built in 2022. Here there is plenty of space for our sports courses and PRECOR equipment such as seated ergometer, cross trainer, treadmill, adaptive motion trainer, chest and shoulder press, load pull, leg press, cable pull tower and free weights up to 10 kg.

Bright fitness area in Hotel Diedrich, Hallenberg
3rd basement: fitness & course room
Various fitness equipment in the fitness room at DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA, Hallenberg
3rd basement: fitness & course room
View over the stone terrace in front of the course room to the Haus der Mitte
3rd basement: terrace in front of the fitness & course room with the yoga room "Haus der Mitte".
Interior view house of the center with sunlight incidence
3rd basement: interior view of the yoga room "House of the Middle

In the 3rd basement, reached by a staircase near the indoor pool, you will also find the rest area "Timeless". A real retreat to find time and leisure. Here you will feel almost as if you are in another world, although you are in the middle of the hotel. While resting peacefully, you can listen to the idyllic birdsong and let your thoughts drift gently.

The hallway as access to the rest area Timeless in Hotel Diedrich
3rd basement: rest area "Timeless
The rest area Zeitlos in Hotel Diedrich with loungers, beds and various resting niches
3rd basement: rest area "Timeless
Hanging nests in the rest area called Timeless
3rd basement: rest area "Timeless


Friendly reception staff:inside at the reception,
Warm welcome

Right next to the reception is the heart of our gastronomy: the open kitchen. What makes it special is that it is literally open to guests. You are always invited to take a look behind the scenes and watch the chefs at work. Here you will be shown with pleasure what often remains hidden elsewhere. Using mainly regional and seasonal products, our chefs create refined, modern and traditional dishes that will delight you.

View into the main kitchen through the entrance door
Gas open kitchen
A cook and a cook cooking in the kitchen - Hotel Diedrich
Chef Christoph P├Âllmann

Antons Restaurant was reopened in 2012 with great attention to detail and convinces with its pleasant and high-quality ambience, characterized by a lot of wood and loving details. It is dedicated to our ancestor Anton, the founder of the Hotel Diedrich, who already welcomed guests in 1898. Today you can still experience hospitality and an informal service team that will fulfill your every wish with pleasure.

Overview of the entire restaurant "Antons", DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA
Restaurant Antons
Comfortable seating area in "Antons", a restaurant area in DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA
Restaurant Antons

The restaurant "Alte Post", opened in 2016, combines modernity and history in a special way. It is located on the site where the Imperial Post Office was once located and thus continues a long tradition.

View through the door into the restaurant "Alte Post" in DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA
Restaurant Old Post Office
Two tables with big sofa in restaurant Alte Post of hotel Diedrich
Restaurant Old Post Office

The post office parlor, once the postal clerk's reception room for the citizens, now shines as a cozy parlor that can seat up to twelve people.

View of the post office room in Hotel Diedrich
Post office
View into the post room of the Hotel Diedrich
Post office

In the Kaminstube, which is located directly opposite the hotel bar, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere and comfort, especially in the evening. The crackling fireplace creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The fireplace room at DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA
Fireplace parlor
In the fireplace room the fire burns with pre-Christmas decoration
Fireplace parlor

Our cozy guest room is the heart of our hotel and was opened in September 2018. During the day it offers a retreat like a living room and in the evening it becomes a meeting place for socializing. Here you can enjoy a variety of delicacies, including local beers.

Hotel bar "Gute Stube" in the DIEDRICH Wellnesshotel & SPA in Hallenberg
Hotel bar "Gaststube
Artistic wall design in the hotel bar of Hotel Diedrich
Hotel bar "Gaststube
After shot of the bar stools at the counter of the hotel bar, on which the material quality can be seen very nicely - Hotel Diedrich
Hotel bar "Gaststube

In the evening, we serve a delicious 4-course menu as part of our half-board in the cozy Stammhaus restaurant, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel bar and is conveniently accessible via the Stammhaus elevator. Our house guests can enjoy culinary delights here in a relaxed atmosphere.

Empty tables of the half board restaurant in Hotel Diedrich
Headquarters restaurant
Half-board restaurant of Hotel Diedrich with pre-Christmas decoration and evening lighting
Headquarters restaurant


Healthy breakfast with a view of nature at Hotel Diedrich
Breakfast room in Hotel Diedrich
Breakfast room
The bread box of the breakfast buffet at Hotel Diedrich
Fruit platter on the brew buffet at Hotel Diedrich
Cold cuts platters on the breakfast buffet at Hotel Diedrich
Someone puts cold cuts from the breakfast buffet on his plate - Hotel Diedrich
A breakfast table with rolls, egg, and much more at Hotel Diedrich
In the foreground a richly filled breakfast table, while in the background coffee is being brewed - Hotel Diedrich
At the breakfast table coffee is poured from the pot into the cup - Hotel Diedrich

Outdoor facilities

Drone shot on the east facade in May 2022 Hotel Diedrich
East facade
New planting in front of the terrace of the new course room
View from the terrace in front of the course room towards the valley
Cobblestone courtyard entrance on the east side of Hotel Diedrich
In May 2022 paved area in front of the House of the Middle
Freshly finished exterior of the hotel Diedrich in May 2022
Exterior of the new part of the building garden wing

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