Excursion destination "St. Georg ski jump Winterberg"

16 minutes by car or 16.1 kilometers from the hotel.

When we hear the word "ski jumping", we usually think of ski jumps covered with snow and thickly wrapped spectators. However, ski jumping is a sport that is practiced all year round - for example in Winterberg.

Here, at Herrloh in the Winterberg ski lift carousel, is the St. George ski jump, designed by Fritz Gladen and built in 1959. Since 2000 it was a mat hill for operation without snow, since 2007 it functions again as a year-round ski jump. Visitors can also climb the steps of the ski jump. Once at the top, they can enjoy a beautiful view of the expanse of the Sauerland region.

The ski jump in Winterberg with gastronomy building and adjacent chairlift

Today, the ski jump serves mainly as a training venue for young ski jumpers from the Winterberg Ski Club. In the past, it was the venue for German Championships and for the Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix.

A large map sign with the pictured lifts next to the ski jump in Winterberg
People ride the chairlift up to the ski jump in Winterberg


St. George ski jump

At Herrloh

59955 Winterberg

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