Yoga Wellness Weekend in Sauerland - a fount of harmony and energy

"Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in." (Iyengar)

Open Yoga sessions in Haus der Mitte - times

  • Please sign up by 9 pm on the evening before the session (tel. 02984-9330). Attention! The times are subject to change as necessary - be sure to enquire the day before if the time has changed. 
  • every Wednesday morning at 9:30 am
  • every Saturday afternoon at 4 pm
  • Duration approx. 90 minutes


  • For day guests or external guests: € 12 /per person and session
  • For house guests: €9.90 /per person and session
  • Card for twelve sessions: €130
  • Card for 8 sessions €95 (also available as a gift voucher)

Your yoga hotel in Sauerland

Our yoga instructors are waiting for you! For beginners and advanced yogis - the open yoga sessions in our yoga hotel are for everyone! We strive to be flexible when responding to your needs so your yoga session in "Haus der Mitte" becomes a very personal experience.

Our yoga sessions are also suited as an entry into the world of yoga for complete beginners! Yoga is unbelievably effective.  No matter stiff we might feel - the exercises speak to our bodies in a gentle way. Thanks to the effect on tension and neglected muscles, an immediate feeling of wellbeing sets in and we develop a wonderful body sensation

The path to harmony with your self ... a yoga wellbeing weekend in Hallenberg in Sauerland – that's where the path of harmony leads ... We greet life in our garden, more specifically in our "Haus der Mitte", with gentle yoga exercises. The concentration on breathing, body and soul brings new energy.  We delve into our selves and our thoughts quiet down. We sense the relaxation and feel how we find our self with a yoga session in Hallenberg in Sauerland. 


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Marianne Timmermann, Yogalehrerin

Marianne Timmermann, Yoga instructor & yoga therapist

"I see yoga as a holistic system for physical wellbeing and spiritual balance. A conscious pause for reflection is a precious gift in today's world."

Marianne was born in 1964 in our little half-timbered town. Today, she lives with her family in the district of Liesen. She is a professional childcare provider.  Aside from yoga she spends her time cycling, skiing and hiking – she is also a Nordic-walking guide.

She discovered yoga around the year 2000 and a fascination with its balancing effects took hold of her. Since then yoga has become a core element of her life. She absolved the training to yoga instructor (500h) from 2013 to 2015 in the yoga school "Yoga Balance" in Marburg – including the BdfY certificate (German association of Yoga instructors and therapists). She takes part in regular courses and workshops for further training.  In 2016, Marianne obtained the certification as a yoga therapist after a half a year of training in the yoga school "Yoga Balance" Marburg. The training included fundamental elements such as anatomy, pathology of the locomotor apparatus, osteopathic perspectives, therapeutic measures, support and coaching as well as a broadening of the chakra teachings.

Her lesson form is derived from Hatha yoga and is a hybrid of styles. Stretching and strength exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas), relaxation, body awareness and mindfulness are important elements of her yoga sessions. 

Marion Mütze, Yogalehrerin

Marion Mütze, Yoga instructor

"Yoga is the calming of the restless streams of thought." (Patanjali)

Marion was born in 1968 in our half-timber town Hallenberg as well. She grew up here and lives here with her family.  She works as a practice nurse in a general medical practice which specializes in acupuncture, manual medicine and natural medicine.

She discovered yoga more than ten years ago as a profoundly fulfilling balance for family and job. Since then she has enjoyed the long-lasting positive effects on your body and soul. Her interest for yoga became so intensive that she successfully completed a two-year training from 213-2015 at Yoga Balance in Marburg - including the certification by the BdfY (Berufsverband der freien deutschen Yogalehrer und Yogatherapeuten e.V. - the German Association for Yoga instructors and therapists). She continually takes part in workshops and courses for further training at Yoga Balance in Marburg. In the past months she has participated in several courses and workshops to intensify her knowledge of yoga: Yin Yoga basic training part I (Yin Yoga, anatomy, sequences and meridians) with Stefanie Arend and Yin Yoga further training part III (Yin Yoga & Fascia). Yoga Workshop (breathing, music, movement in harmony) with Andreas Loh Tala .

Marion's yoga sessions are a hybrid style mix within the framework of Hatha yoga. To her, yoga means "being in the here and now", "mindfulness with people, nature and your self", "connection between body, mind and soul" - even when you're not on the yoga mat.