Thinking Pause - Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Dates not yet fixed, probably not again until 2023.

Pause from thinking - pause to think.

Cover image Thinking Pause - Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Thinking Pause - Yoga & Meditation Retreat

3 nights (extendable)

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"Neither are we destined to be perfect, nor to hold on to rigid positions. Our destiny is to flow in a universe that is constantly moving around us." (J. Houston)

Everyday life can make us feel heavy and tense, both physically and mentally. How is it possible to maintain a feeling of lightness even in normal everyday life, or how can we help ourselves to meet the demands in a more relaxed way? Yoga and meditation are methods that can help us to do this.

In this retreat you will practice dynamic yoga and meditation; learn to guide your breath evenly and feel your mind relax - this gives you a feeling of vitality and ease. You will experience the balance between contraction and relaxation, between the inside and the outside, allowing you to feel your own aliveness.

The dynamic yoga is based on the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar, while the meditation uses methods according to Osho. The focus is on the development of one's own potential.

Monika Bauer and Rajesh Samy Pillai accompany you as course leaders and are there for you during these days.

Yoga and Meditation Teachers Monika Bauer and Rajesh Samy Pillai

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