Thinking Pause Intensive Retreat

You have already attended the "Thinking Pause" workshop and would like to follow this path even more intensively? We have designed the "Thinking Pause Intensive" workshop for you.

Cover image Thinking Break Intensive Retreat

Thinking Pause Intensive Retreat - 4 nights (extendable)

Included, per person:



At a price of € 826 to € 1,354 per person, plus the local tourism tax of € 1.20 per person per night. Generally, the earlier and the longer you book, the cheaper your stay price. Our prices and availability depend on the time of your booking, the general demand as well as the house occupancy at the desired period.


You will practice and experiment with an active meditation according to Osho in the morning and in the evening. In between, intensive yoga sessions await you, which include not only asanas (physical exercises) but also intensive pranayamas (breathing exercises) and provide deeper insights into the philosophy of the yoga sutras according to Patanjali.

Rajesh Samy Pillai and Monika Bauer accompany you as course leaders and are there for you during these days.

Yoga and Meditation Teachers Monika Bauer and Rajesh Samy Pillai

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