I want to get away: A short vacation in Sauerland

Naturally perfect days …

Every single day is worth it! Even a short vacation in Sauerland can help you recharge your energy in nature. And this recuperative effect intensifies with every further hour.  Simply head out or get up and go .... the soft murmur of the many rivers will entice you to do just that, to soak your feet in the crystal-clear water. Listen to the natural sounds of the cheerful bird, the mild wind, your own regular breathing …

You can reach mother nature within 10 minutes on foot.  On the large meadow at the edge of the forest you can look out over the treetops, over idyllic Hallenberg and even further beyond the city. Feel free in this great expanse. Enjoy pure nature here!
Take a walk through the woods, look for your favorite spot. Hang up a hammock. And then: let your spirits soar. Listen to your favorite music or read a book that makes you laugh or that you can't put down ... That'S what perfect days look like!

Tips for your short vacation in Sauerland

Breathe in the abundance of your experiences. The open-air theatre in Hallenberg, leisure and game parks, adventure and sport offers and lots of nature are a guarantee for variety on your vacation – if that's what you're looking for. 


Clip über das Hallenberger Sauerland.

Go-cart racing, biking, climbing, sledding, bowling .... Hike. Go on an excursion .... Unusual panorama towers, the many sights to see on the Sauerland-Höhenflug hiking trail and the Wood Sculpture Path between Bad Berleburg and Schmallenberg are some of the best destinations – just a few of the many.  

Cultural events in Hallenberg

  • Hallenberg Easter night
    When the tower clock chimes midnight in the night between Saturday and Easter Sunday, the age-old Hallenberg Passion song begins to ring out – sung by deep male voices. In the dark city, torches and lanterns in the procession create an eerie atmosphere. All of a sudden there is deafening noise: saw blades, hammers, rattles, old sirens, a historic drum from a farm labourer ... thrre huge crosses proceed the ghostly parade. It is not clear if the tradition arises from the heathen tradition of driving out the winter or if it has its origins in a different event. On Hallenberg'S emergency currency from 1921 you can read: "The Hallenberg Easter Night, an ancient procession. If you haven't been, you should be sure not to miss it!"
  • Open-air theater Hallenberg
    An impressively beautiful natural stage, lovely people and high-quality theater are three characteristics which could describe the Hallenberger Open-Air theatre. 
    Since 1946, the Open-air Theater has been staging unusual theater pieces for young and old in the summer months from the beginning of June to the beginning of September – imaginative, dream-like, emotional, gripping or humorous pieces are performed during every kind of weather. The impressive and unforgettable atmosphere of the Open-Air Theater Hallenberg is worth a visit. More information (in German)

Sights in Hallenberg

  • Old Town: Historically listed half-timber houses make the centuries-old history perciptible. In Hesborn, Liesen und Braunshausen, districts of Hallenberg, you will also find interesting traces of the past. 
  • The market square & parish church are the central focus of the "old" Hallenberg. To the north and east, the square is bordered by picturesque half-timber houses. The character of the square is shaped by the cobble stones which were added in 1992. 
  • Kirchen: The Maria Ascencion Pilgrimage Chapel displays old frescoes which were exposed during the restoration. In the St. Heribert Parish Church from the 13th Century you can marvel at the Renaissance paintings from 1558 and the baroque furnishings.  Wallfahrtskapelle Mariä Himmelfahrt zeigt alte Fresken, die bei der Restaurierung freigelegt wurden. 
  • Petrus fountain: The petrus fountain is located at the south side of the market square. It used to be an important element of the water supply for the town. A municipal water network with house connections was not installed until 1903. The current version of the Petrus Fountain is from 1756. 
  • Antonius stone: The 1.5m high wayside shrine, created in 1777, most probably feature Saint Antonius, whose identifying sign is a pig. The location of the Antonius stone commemorates the former pest cemetary. Today the street is named Antoniusstraße. 
  • The old bakery in the Burg Quarter: There used to be 4 bakeries in this district. The only one that still exists is the old bakery (Das alte Backhaus) from approx. 1600. It has been listed on the registry of historic places since 1984. Bread is still baked here and the baking chamber ist still heated with an open fire. 

See & experience

The fascination of the expanses: Panorama towers

  • Heidekopf Panorama tower in Hallenberg (in German): Nach einem Anstieg erwartent Sie vom hölzernen Aussichtsturm auf 710 m Höhe ein herrlicher Panoramablick auf das Rothaargebirge und das Hessische Bergland.
  • Sauerland Stabil chair (in German): This  wooden scultpure is a true attention getter on the "Königsloh" - between Hallenberg, Liesen und Hesborn. The chair is not meant to be sat on but rather to climb. From the top at 8 meters you can enjoy the view of the bird reservations and nature reserves and the beautiful Sauerland-Höhenflug hiking trail.
  • Bollerberg Tower in Hesborn (in German): When you get to the top of the Bollerberg you have reached an altitude of 758m. The five viewing platforms of the cement panorama tower allow for further views of the Rothaar Mountains and the Hessian mountain area.

Cities worth seeing

  • Universitätsstadt Marburg (in Chair): Sights to see include the Landgrafenschloss Castle above the town, the city hall and the market place from the 16th century, narrow alleys and steep stairs ...
  • Frankenberg (in German): Visit the historic old town and the city hall, go on a shopping spree …

Amusement parks


Have fun on your excursion!

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