A 4* Hiking Vacation in Sauerland: Inspiration to get started

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Internalize the views & impressions

On your hiking vacation in our hotel in Sauerland you can experience the fascination of nature. Hike over the soft forest floor, along the murmuring streams. Past cows, who exist with a gentle sense of well-being. And then internalize the view. Look out across the mountains and imagine, what could be behind them. Beauty, color, nature. Dream about the amazing possibilities. And explore everything.

Life is a wonderland. Everywhere you look there is something marvelous to see. When you're hiking you have it all right before your eyes: fascinating places of relaxation.

Local circular hiking trails– Tips from your hiking hotel in Sauerland

  • Nuhnewiesen Nature Trail in Hallenberg
    Our recommendation for an easy 3-kilometer tour which begins just 10 minutes on foot from the hotel. You will experience the largest connected hay meadows in North Rhine-Westphalen. Keep an eye out: you could meet up with the critically endangered whinnchat which likes to bring up its children on the meadows along the Nuhnewiesen Nature Trail. The oversized treehouse at the Struth Tower is perfect for watching birds without disturbing them.
    You can find a brochure about the Nature Trail at the reception desk. It describes everything which can be discovered along the trail.
    Starting point: Parking lot at the end of Hallenberg
  • Liesetal Nature Trail in Hallenberg-Liesen
    This circular trail, created by the Hochsauerland biological station, leads 12,4 kilometers through the Liesetal and Hilmesberg Nature Reserve. Tip: Take the Nature Trail brochure along on your tour. It will inform you about the flora and fauna and the close interworkings between the forest and the open landscape along this 4-hour tour.
    Starting point: Hiking parking lot Obere Mühle/Hilmesberg, Liesen
  • Hallenberger Wanderrausch – High altitude & meadow tour
    4 districts, an approx. 51-kilometer trail and the diversity of the landscape will put you into a hiking ecstasy – a "Wanderrausch". This high-altitude and meadow tour will take you to panoramic peaks, lead you through idyllic valleys, forests and fields, through Nature and Bird Reserves and historical town centers ...
    You will cross the Nuhne river with the help of stepping stones and observe the whinnchat in the Bird Reserve. Climb up the observation towers and enjoy the reward of the view over the Sauerland mountain world. Head to the quarries to look for fossils and learn interesting facts about the geological features of the region – thrillingly diverse.
  • Numbered Trails
    Simply follow the numbers, they mark the path of the numerous trails in the 4 city districts of Hallenberg. They also inform you about nearby and distant destinations along the hiking route.

Hallenberg, from the Wanderportal am Marktplatz

  • Siegelsberg trail 5 km
  • Heidebach trail 5 km
  • Heidekopf trail 6 km
  • Kreuzberg trail 8 km
  • Grenz trail 15 km


  • Schlage Trail 4 km
  • Philosophen Trail 5 km
  • Liesetal Trail 8 km


  • Ölfetal Trail  7 km
  • Stolzenberg Trail 7 km
  • Winterberger Trail 12 km
  • Liesetal Trail 12 km
  • Medeloner-Mark Trail 9 km


  • Wachholderheide Trail 4 km
  • Ochsenstall Trail 5 km
  • Wehlenbach Trail 5,5 km
  • Dreitäler Trail 6 km
  • Heidebach Trail 7 km

Regional Hiking Trails


56 hiking destinations between Altena and Korbach mark the 250-kilometer-lang Sauerland-Höhenflug. Typical for this tour: Natural diversity, glorious tranquility, panorama views of the 400-800 m mountain peaks.
Start in Hallenberg – on the route between Winterberg and Medebach – on this top hiking trail. From the historical city center you can hike via the Heidekopf tower and the Ziegenhelle in the direction of Winterberg or via Liesen, Dreislar and Medelon to Medebach. Here you will find an idyllic flight of fancy on the mountain peaks. Auch hier geraten Sie auf den Bergkämmen des Sauerlandes in den idyllischen Höhenflug.

Rothaarsteig – "Weg der Sinne" (The senses trail)

Everyone who hikes the 154-kilometer Rothaarsteig will experience the natural beauty of Sauerland, Siegen-Wittgenstein and the Lahn-Dill Mountains. The Premium trail between Brilon in Sauerland and Dillenburg in Westerwald is called the "Weg der Sinne", the senses trail. Enjoy the wooded mountain scenery with the 843-meter peaks and the many panorama view points. 
There is a 14-km long access trail from Hallenberg via Liesen and Winterberg to the Rothaarsteig. It is marked with a black R on a yellow background. 

Information & map material for the tours can be found at the reception desk in the hiking hotel Romantik Spa Hotel Diedrich.

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