A vacation in Sauerland

Exactly where I want to be!

On a vacation in Sauerland, take time for everything ... grab a backpack, bike or scooter and head out on an excursion in Sauerland. Or sit down and relax in one of the beautiful places in the nature which surrounds our hotel.
Life is made up of the little details. That's why it's important to be able to see everything. The clouds in the sky, sometimes small and packed, sometimes large and mighty. Sometimes they rest very serenely; sometimes they drift rapidly along the sky. It's like a living meditation. Linger for a while and let yourself be inspired – to all the possibilities that the expanses of the sky can offer. 

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Wohlfühlen in der Hängematte
Wohlfühlen in der Hängematte

A vacation in Sauerland: Completely anchored in life

Look ahead of you, next to you, behind you. So many green and colorful plants. Blades of grass which by the thousands combine to provide a place for a beautiful picnic. Trees which have developed deep roots over the centuries. Flowers & bushes to be marveled at. Pay attention to them and you will see that something will come back to you ...
There is so much to discover – natural wonders, fruit growing wild, animals that live from the plants  – and every discovery of this natural harmony brings you a feeling of happiness, new insights, and a sense of balance. 

Auf dem Traktor durchs Sauerland

Inspiration to feel free: hiking, biking, golfing

Experience a high-altitude euphoria when you hike over mountain and valley. Get out into the Nordic walking park in Hallenberg-Liesen. Explore the diverse Hochsauerland region with mountain bikes and e-bikes. Or follow the call of the green. There are 3 golf courses in the vicinity: Golf Club Winterberg, Golf Club Schmallenberg and the Golf Club Waldeck at Lake Eder.